Partner in Trading

You want a team with access to the sources.
You need partners in trading who will create smooth transactions from beginning to end.

Reputable Sources

Blessed Trader (BT) knows the US market and where excellent products are available and ready to be exported. BT helps producers and manufacturers position themselves as superior choices on the international trade scene.

Product Safety

BT is expert in Food Safety and knows all the FDA regulations. Our team is PCQI trained and certified in accordance with the new FDA rule known as FSMA: Food Safety Modernization Act. This assures that the products we supply are safe from source to destination.

Farming in California

Steps to Smooth Transactions

BT positions itself overseas where reliable clients are ready to import and need a guiding hand to smooth the necessary steps to successful transactions.

From Documents to Transportation

BT works smartly and efficiently to bridge demand to offer. BT does so with  a professional attitude and in a timely manner.

Next Steps…

You need a new product: a NON-GMO commodity, an organic olive oil, an artisan vinegar, a line of unusual preserves, …
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